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Dainese performance gears for youths, engineered with the champions of today, for the talents of tomorrow.
Conceived, designed and developed around youths' body structure, with the same technologies as field-proven adult professional products.
The game has now got serious.


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(9 results)
Price reduced from $69.95 to $41.97
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Price reduced from $109.95 to $65.97
- 40%

Dainese Kids' Ski Clothing and Accessories

Discover our exclusive collection of children ski clothing, including gloves, ski helmet kids, and protective gear designed to ensure maximum safety and comfort on the slopes. Our range has been developed in collaboration with today's champions, aiming to support the talents of tomorrow in the world of skiing and winter sports.

Each piece is conceived, designed, and crafted around the physical structure of young skiers, ensuring the same advanced and high-quality technologies that characterize our products for adults and professionals. Dainese focuses on safety without neglecting style and comfort, allowing young skiers to fully express their potential on the slopes. Choose Dainese for quality and innovation in ski accessories kids and ski helmet kids, making every run an unforgettable experience.